Posted in March 2013

Lists and Spreadsheets

So, as I said, there was a group visit to the wedding site the other week. There was much ‘ooh!-ing’ and ‘aahh!-ing’ and ‘right, we’re going to need…’. ‘All extremely exciting!  Then there many lists were made. And now it’s time for The Spreadsheet (and many thanks to Nadine for the construction of the first … Continue reading

Calling all Campers!

Hi there, Just to say that we will need to know how many nights you are planning to camp and how many there will be of you, so to speak. To remind you, there’s a £10 per night, per adult camping fee (which includes your brekkie Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings). Kids under 12 are … Continue reading

Team Assemble!

So, the wedding plotters are gathering this weekend. Some of them anyway; it is a long way from you sunny southerners. We’re taking everyone up to the site to see what/where/how much will be needed to turn it from a very pretty camp site into a party fit for all of you. We actually went … Continue reading