Team Assemble!

So, the wedding plotters are gathering this weekend. Some of them anyway; it is a long way from you sunny southerners. We’re taking everyone up to the site to see what/where/how much will be needed to turn it from a very pretty camp site into a party fit for all of you. We actually went to visit the site on our own the other week and got quite excited about it, even in the February gloom! It is going to be beautiful.

The spreadsheet has been constructed and there’s quite a number of spaces to fill so if you want to help and have leanings or preferences as to what you might end up involved in, put it in the comments. Otherwise, I’ll just ask you 😉 – decorating on Friday, some on Saturday morning most probably (although I fervently hope not much), helping collecting and setting up food on Saturday morning, some general keeping things running (being the person who knows where important stuff is for a couple of hours so no-one has to do it all day). Taking it all down on Monday (that’s going to need a few and the more the, well probably not merrier but certainly, shorter it will be). I’ll put more specific job lists on the other pages.

More soon,

xx WFB


4 thoughts on “Team Assemble!

    • That will be great and you are very well qualified 🙂 Let us know when you’ll be getting to Lancaster because we’re going to be co-opting spare rooms I think, for Thursday arrivees.

  1. 😀 ooo, okay.. I hadn’t even thought about arrivals! This will depend on which of the lovely Londoners help me get there.. I will investigate and keep you posted.

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