Calling all Campers!

Hi there,

Just to say that we will need to know how many nights you are planning to camp and how many there will be of you, so to speak. To remind you, there’s a £10 per night, per adult camping fee (which includes your brekkie Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings). Kids under 12 are £6. Once you’ve told us, I’ll send you bank details for a transfer so that I can pay the camp site on behalf of everyone. Staying an extra night on Sunday and handing me or Joe a tenner then will be fine and dandy but I shall not be gathering money, or indeed having anyone else do it, on the Friday or the day of the wedding! Oh, and from our excursion to the site this weekend (more from that later) it’s clear that we can’t have camper vans, people. We’re really sorry. There will be difficulty enough finding room for the vehicles that are bringing essentials (sound system, lights, booze) and there are strictly no vehicles on the camping field. There are quite a few spare tents around though (we have a spare four man, for example) so shout if you need one.


* Amendment- we are hoping to negotiate use of the field close by to use as a car park. So, if we get that and you didn’t mind a few metres extra walk to the toilets, you could park a live-in on there. We don’t know that we can use it yet though so, best to think tent.


20 thoughts on “Calling all Campers!

  1. I’m Staying from Friday till Monday, and as I mentioned on the phone have both Fri and Mon off work, so am free to help with both set up and take down. Where’s the bank details so I can pay my Money please?

  2. Me, me, me, … pick me. I’ll be alongfriday and saturday I reckon. Also, if there’s a tent still going spare, …. I won’t have to pack one on the bike.

    • I’ve transferred your moneys, let me know if it came through. I didnt put me name in there but it’s paid to WFB for camping. Anyway, catch you all soon.

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