Important! Last minute requests and lists.

Hola folks!

This is a quick refresher on things you need to know, things you need to bring and things we kinda forgot and think we might need.

For all campers arriving on Friday:

You can arrive any time, but be warned, we will be a little busy setting up so one of two things may happen;

  1. you will be accosted enthusiastically and roped into doing a lot of stuff until you drop from exhaustion.
  2. you will be acknowledged in a cursory and distracted manner and told to go away and play quietly in a far corner.

The camp site is the main field immediately on the left as you arrive, please unload and then park in the car park, which is over the river.  The whole site is all ours, so don’t worry about late arrivals.  I’m sure people will muck in to help you set up if you are really late.  We are providing breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, so you will need to feed yourselves on friday, there will be no access to anything other than water and toilets so please plan accordingly (there are local food options if you wish – pub, chippy, chinese, shop).

Please feel free to explore the site (it’s very pretty) but try not to get underfoot if you can help it.

We will be providing a limited amount of basics, so if you could bring some too that would be handy, namely loo roll and bin bags.  There are proper toilets and showers you lucky lot!

Please do bring wellies (it’s a wood, it’s been raining, it may well be gloriously sunny but lets not take any chances huh?).  Please also bring warm things to go under your fabulous other clothes as it will probably be a little parky of an evening.  Please also also bring a brolly, as colourful as you can manage (for the wedding ceremony should it be wet).

We have glasses etc for the main meal and cocktails, but we need you to bring some kind of beverage container for everything else (there will be real ale and cider and left overs from the cocktails).  No glass if you can help it as we’re concerned about breakages and safety (it is a scout camp after all).

If you are bringing food for the feast, please:

  • Label all pies clearly (meaty/veg/vegan/gluten free etc)
  • Label your salad and please do not add the dressing.  If you could keep it separate in a jam jar or something, preferably attached to the salad, that would be great.
  • Please bring your offering to the kitchen and pass it on with whatever instructions are required.  Remember we can only re-heat so make sure it’s all cooked before you come.

I know you are all really busy/lazy/forgetful so I put all that in a nice downloadable .pdf Last minute list


We completely forgot/didn’t think about this at all.  The fact that you are all coming and contributing is as wonderful a gift as we could wish for!  However, if you do feel the need/have already thought of something we will certainly be very grateful (tho we seem to have accumulated all sorts of treasure over the years, so it may be wise to ask if you do have the urge, to avoid duplicates).


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