What’s all this about then? (explaining things)


If you’re here then you’ve probably received an invitation to our impending wedding, congratulations on passing the selection criteria!

One of the best things about our lives is our friends and family – you provide the greatness and weirdness and love and downright special that keeps us smiling.   This celebration is as much about bringing all the people we love together as it is about acknowledging our love for each other.  And you have all contributed in so many ways to our journey so far, we thought you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in one more time;  we can’t do this without your help so, we’re asking if you can contribute, specifically – food and or booze. (delicious things), please don’t feel obligated and please don’t take on anything that is going to stress you out or otherwise stretch you, this is supposed to be fun.

The purpose of this blog type affair is to keep all the relevant information in one easy to access place, and to provide a forum for all of you wonderful folk to discuss the multitude of ways we are going to make this the most funtastic celebration ever.  We’ll try and keep it simple by creating individual posts to deal with each area (food, drink, decor, etc).  Please use the comment fields to interact and let us know how and what you want to help with along with any questions or suggestions.




19 thoughts on “What’s all this about then? (explaining things)

  1. Nutters! i can’t wait! What sort of stuff should i bring? I make a mean liver and onions, but suspect that’s not what you want! x

  2. In like Flynn!!! Thinking the best of the wets – cider etc but will come up with a plan more cunning that a fox wearing trousers!

  3. How exciting!!
    I was so blessed to be there at phat drop to witness yr engagement and am
    Delighted to be invited to yr wedding!!
    Thank you. We will be ther for the whole weekend and please let us know how we can help in any way .. I can bring cakes salads and yummy veggie quiches.. Eg pear walnut & Stilton. Ect…. Xxxx

    • Thanks NIcki. Given you’re one of the local ones, would it be ok if I get the measure of what’s coming from where and then ask you to make what we need most? That way there won’t be unfortunate gaps in the catering and we all know how I feel about that!

  4. Evening all. I’m happy to make a pie, veggie, meat or just plain old pastry! I will also bring booze for the cocktail hour(s). Happy also to help in the kitchen – Sat morning would probably be best for me as I cannot guarantee functionality Sunday / Monday mornings (think Ralph’s 40th).

    The making of a sign was mentioned, which I am more than happy to sticker up. The sooner you can let me know a design the better as I don’t want to complete it the week before at school and then take the Monday off! I will also need to check the availability of colours for our CAMM 1 machine – stickers can be up to a metre wide (and as long as we need :]

    Anything else we need just give me a shout ;]

  5. Count us in! We’ll be there from Friday to Sunday. Put us in team pie and team salad but we’ll be making sugar-free, dairy-free, low carbohydrate pie and salad so Jez can eat them. Will make a GIANT label that says what’s in them, or rather what’s NOT in them.
    Ummmm the no van thing might be an issue for us though… will be driving there in Morrison so it seems silly not to be sleeping in him… A bit confused about that. Also we possess no tent.
    Yay!! Party! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Yay!!!!! Thank you so much for your amazing invitation! So happy for you both. Would be honoured to attend! You guys are amazing and have an amazing boy. Can’t thank you enough for our invite. Toby says he can neh wait!!!! Loads of love xoxoxo

  7. So, (one of) my idea(s) for the wedding is to get all the lovely people on here to suggest music that Joe and Fil love (or hate for that matter). I will then compile the music into a mix, which I will perform at some point during the wedding weekend. I’ll also make a recording of said mix and make it available to download via the SoundCloud.

    I’m looking for about 30 tunes of any genre – from ambient, to drum ‘n’ bass to pop, to folk. Silly, banging, beautiful – literally anything goes! I’ll need a couple of weeks to put the mix together, so could do with your input by the end of this month. If you would like to suggest several tunes, that is fine. I’ll sift through them later.

    Thinking caps on!

    To make everyone’s life a bit easier, I have turned my Dropbox over, to enable you to upload your music easily. All you need to do is go to http://www.dropbox.com and log in with my details.

    j o h n underscore m a c b e t h at y a h o o dot c o dot u k
    (please message me if you are unable to crack the code)

  8. We are coming with all 3 boys arriving on friday and leaving on sunday and bringing things like lots of boozes, whatever is lovely in the garden and will all be camping. This is all very exciting x

    • yay and thrice yay! and that reminds me, I should post my bank account details to everyone and start collecting the camping monies if I don’t want to be running around after dirty cash 🙂

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