Accommodation things

So, it’s a Scout camp so you can camp it up peoples! There is a LOT of camping room in a stunningly beautiful woodland dell. It’s £10 a night for adults, £6 for under 12s but that includes breakfast the next morning. There are proper toilets ladies and gentlemen, and showers! Not on the camping field, mind you, but I’m sure you’ll manage.

That said, there is NOT a lot of parking so clever things are going to have to be done to keep what parking there is for the people not camping. We’re thinking about that.

For the people who understandably don’t want to camp/do want to sleep at their whim (it is going to be *very noisy and boisterous* on site and we shall not be going to bed at a sensible time, let’s be honest) here are some local places to stay:

The Penny Street Bridge Central Lancaster, reasonably priced, rather stylish.

The Sun also as above, the food is better I’m told.

Scarthwaite Country House Hotel  I know no more than the same Tripadvisor reviews you will find. Except that it’s the closest to the site.

Also Slyne Lodge  4.2 miles from the site, according to Google maps. So that’s pretty close.

Holiday Inn what’s there to say?

Premier Inn the second closest.

There is also a Travelodge in central Lancaster.


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