Delicious things

“Never knowingly undercatered”

This is of course, the most important page because without the delicious things, the day would be both short and sad which is completely the opposite of what we anticipate.

This is also the most important page because it is where we are hoping to garner the most help- if everyone could possibly bring something food or drink related for the day it would be wonderful. For a while Fil wondered if this was cheeky but then remembered that you are no random comers but our dearest people so all be well and plentiful.

It will probably be of no surprise to most that we do have ideas, let’s call them suggestions to be nice, of what could be brought (there may even be recipes if stage fright seems likely or firm guidance is simply preferred). Should we sketch out the plan and let you volunteer? Or should I skirt around it so as not to frighten the kitchen shy (don’t worry you lot, shopping lists of ingredients needed on the day will be your mission; nothing more intimately involved with a cooker)?

In addition to actual food, there will be some food related helping stints- the camping contingent will have breakfast provided and although Fil will almost certainly stick her nose in, it would be splendid if other folk were officially looking after this at least on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I doubt we’ll keep her out of it by Monday but volunteers for all or any breakfasts are gladly accepted, again nothing very challenging is planned.

x x MSM and WFB

Ok, so the outline plan is to have some lovely pies, some salads of the interesting sort and probably some surprise things, pudding and cake. Also a table for grazing from later. So, we’d love a large pie or pies to serve about eight people or a big salad to serve twelve, if you’re volunteering to deal with that area of things. Veggie or meat pies but, if at all possible, going with the spring time feeling that we know will be overflowing the place! We’ll have fridges for them to live in the night before and they’ll be warmed on the day.

So we’re clear about the scale of this, for lunch we need:

15 x pie for eight- some meat, some veggie

12 x salad for twelve

By salad I mean something like this, this, something like thisΒ (I seem to be overdoing the courgette/green bean thing; please feel free to be more imaginative!) or my favourite beetroot/puy/hazelnut oneΒ which I’ll write up and send to anyone who’d like to make it (it appears not to be taken straight from the interwebs. How strange) Just don’t put meat in your salad if you please;Β it’ll make it much simpler. *

Pudding will be for the ‘I don’t cook/work fourteen hour shifts/am flying in the day before’ brigade- I’ll give you a shopping list πŸ™‚ but overall we’re going to need about 18 packs of meringue nests and 14 litres double cream.

Grazing table for the evening:

Cheese, bread, crisps, vol-au-vents, sausage rolls, more salads, dips, soup? Things you’d like to find on a buffet table.

Anyone for Team Cake?

**There are vegans and veggies as well as a couple of people who can’t eat wheat so, if your offering does happen to be friendly to them, it would be good to have a label/note to that effect**


Yes, the tried and tested cocktail ‘hour’ will be making an appearance so, if you’d like to bring some ‘strong booze’ or a selection of mixers then our lovely assistants shall ply you with tasty beverages for as long as they/you hold out. Again, guidance as to what will be of most use will swiftly be provided to whosoever wants it.

How are we doing so far?


* I’m told that as I am such a picky beast I should specify very clearly that this


is not the salad I’m looking for. *sigh* You knew that.


54 thoughts on “Delicious things

  1. I believe alcohol will travel very well fom Hertfordshire. Anything in particular you’d like, or shall I just bring lots of wine?

  2. Well, I do think that you’re more interested than average in the contents of the cheese board (although this is bunch are a high average where cheese is concerned) and playing to ones strengths is more fun so, maybe cheese would also travel well from Hertfordshire? Obviously, if you feel that our wine supplies may not cope with your requirements then you should certainly not be frightened of bringing back up, I just wouldn’t have thought that you responsible young parent types would be interested in that kind of thing.

    ROFL πŸ˜€

  3. Hello lovelies!! Very happy to contribute delicious things, in the form of caek, hors d’oeuvres, potato and/or pasta salad, and/or any other thing that is needed/wanted! Just let me know what is needed, and I’ll be happy to make it.

  4. Ooooo im sure i can designate myself to the usual saturday morning breakfast slot.. by sunday it usually all becomes a bit special but if i am required i can attempt to put on my good boy hat xx

  5. I will also make 2 of said pies.. 1 meat 1 veg.. i cant make puddings for shit.. well nothing worth mentioning anyways.. i shall leave that up to the prettier ones of our clan πŸ™‚

  6. Cupcakes ! Special love ones πŸ™‚ And a big fat tasty pie ! I have a scrumptious sweet potato, goats cheese and thyme one in mind:) Thats me that is Xxx

  7. All these pies sound yummy but could you make them gluten free to otherwise I may sulk. Maybe just some baby gluten free pies. No, not actual babies in pies that would be just silly.

    • How could you possibly think that I wouldn’t get something sorted for you?! If I have to ship some pastry to someone specially πŸ™‚ x

  8. ok so I was gonna bring a salad of tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce but I see that this does not pass the WFB criteria so I shall bring the only other thing I can make… alcohol. I will be bringing some duty free back in the form of gin (unless you have any special requests)… Specially crafted with love by me at an airport shop… This is Gordonblu at its finest xxx

  9. Mmmm…delicious things; my favourite!! πŸ™‚ I’ll do caramelised red onion and feta pizzas (some will be gluten-free) and cake, if that works for you lovelies? xxx

    • Ours too πŸ™‚ Could I persuade you to make it more pie-pie? With sides and that, like you’d have gravy with? I’ve got a recipe that is that with butter beans and lots of smoked paprika (bit like the matador pie from Pieminister but veggie) We started off hoping to get pies in and still hoping for that ‘feel’ (uh oh. Bridezilla alert?) Although you are a confectioner of remarkable cake… Oh, the dilemma. And both is unnecessarily generous, certainly.

  10. I can transform it from just “pie” to a proper “pie-pie” (a la Mickey Flanagan!), by all means. There wasn’t even a hint of B’zilla-ness there – it’s not a problem. As for cake, there can never, ever be too much cake, imo, and it’s something I love to do, so it wouldn’t be too much at all. However, if wedding day cake has already been sorted, I’d be happy to do “the rest of the weekend” cake(s), for those of us with, quite frankly, serious sugar addictions? Absolutely up to you lovelies; despite all evidence to the contrary, I’m flexible! xxx

  11. Wow, I’m super impressed with this site, you have thought of everything! We are coming and looking forward to it immensley and more than happy to get involved. Gaz will obviously offer his djing services as and when needed, I am happy to help with food prep and serving (just let me know when you need me), but obviously we can’t both be busy at the same time as one of us will need to be looking after the boy.
    We would like to stay Friday and Saturday night please in the hostel type room. We will hopefully stay a night in Manchester on Thursday night so I can prepare some foods to bring (probably wouldn’t be too appetising after a trip up from Brighton). There seems to be lots of offers of pies so I thought I could bring something for the buffet- a selection of veggi tarts and a large potato salad (it contains egg, spring onions, chives etc. rather than just bland potato) but if that doesn’t suit let me know and I could make something else. We will bring a bottle of spirit for cocktails and some cider.

    • Hurrah! Your names are down; you’re coming in πŸ™‚
      That all sounds very yum actually. I am keeping an eye on my spreadsheet though, just in case it looks as though we need to rumble to get everyone happily fed at lunch.
      And if you think that there won’t be at least a couple of people (Mama Sue? Lesley? To name but two) who are more than happy to give you some time off together with no more to do than have a good time, you’re very wrong!

  12. There will be plenty of cake and we shall put yours higher than they can reach. Also, there will be labels (note: another thing to go on the to do list).

  13. I’ll bring the cardboard tiered cup cake stand thingys we had for the other wedding. I was going to labels for mine. Could you ask everyone brining food to provide it with label then its one thing less to think about?

      • And that’s more than fine- it could be pie for breakfast if everyone brought pie! I presume if you make salad, you’ll be making it at mine. Or on site actually. Which is easy as there’s a proper kitchen.

  14. Ummm…. I don’t know?! I was thinking of making it the day before I travel (maybe a couscous/bulgar wheat type salad thing) but now you mention it this may be a problem for transportation..

    I still don’t really know when/how I’m getting there so maybe a proper decision on what I make/bring should wait until I know these essential details..

    • You’d be better making it at this end- miles easier and no worries about whether it’s been cold enough to keep. And heavy on the veg would be better- we’re getting loads of new potatoes as well so the salads are for the tasty veg element, not fill’em up πŸ™‚ And in no way do you need to bring a salad/ingredients for one if you are coming late Friday or in a way that makes it a pain. I can easily give you things to get in a shop which will be just as useful.

      • Okay, I can definitely do veg-heavy but let me get back to you when I have a better idea of my travel arrangements, I should know soonish xx

  15. Are shops in Lancaster likely to be suitably well-stocked in meringue nests, or should out-of-towners bring some from alternative locations?

    Love that you’ve been specific on salad instructions btw. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber salads have a special place in my box of grrr.

  16. I’m bringing a salad too, are there 12 people out there who would like a salad of beetroot, carrot, beans, sultanas, nuts, and celery or summett? Is meat a welcome component in such things, are you all veggies? πŸ™‚

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