Pretty things

OK, as has been kindly pointed out, there are no details of said Pretty things.

This is where you

a) vent all of your Blue Peter-type creativity by thinking of wonderful ways to decorate a spring woodland on a budget of £0

b) click on another page quickly as you realise that there are better people for the job (I’m off back to the ‘Delicious things’ page myself)


JAM JARS!! I have just accidentally made an extremely large batch of marmalade and used all of the ones I was supposed to be saving. We really need a very large number for pretty making(you can have them back if you want them). If you are coming on Friday (or before!) and you can, I’d be really grateful for any you bring xx Fil


23 thoughts on “Pretty things

    • We were rather hoping you might! Yes, power we has it. Mains, no less! And also gennys. Joe says “we’ll be in touch with instructions” x

  1. Ooohh laser! Reaching for it! We has flags and other assorted decor which obviously will be coming up with us. We haz gazebo/marquee things from Yosh n Carmel which can easily be made into nice seating areas.

  2. You aren’t allowed to bring those lovely puppets! But the animal print fabrics are a big yes, gazebo in case of Lancastrian weather and we have just the place for the day bed 😀

    • I love the fact that you think there might be ironing 😀 I’ve tried hard to think how there might be but I think we’re in the clear.

  3. Is there gonna be a stage? I’ll bring a projector and make a large bizzare 3D video sculpture for a stage piece. . . if you’d like one that is?

    Oh yeah, I guess we’re gonna be there (I can’t imagine that there’s anything more important we need to be doing), but we only got our invite this morning, so I haven’t discussed it with the authority yet (yes, the invite’s been in the post a while now Joe… 6 months was it?; ) Exciting!!! (Andy & Stellla)

    • Plain and simple jam jars will be grand, thank you once more. If you can fit them in the car with the huge tent, Boris, baking and all the rest of it!

      • Pas problem; they’ll fit in nicely – we’ve managed to work out precision Nemo-packing that leaves plenty of room for Bozza. Thank you, by the way, for including him in the party! 🙂 Getting more than a little Eeeeeeeeeeee!!! about it all now !
        Loves xxxx

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