You-need-to-bring things

So, depending on when you are arriving, how long you are staying and where you choose to rest your head you will need to bring varying levels of kit.  Most of this will be fairly obvious but we thought we’d lay out some basics below, just in case.


You can arrive from 4pm on the Friday and will need to look after yourselves until Saturday morning, when breakfast will be provided.  There are some cooking facilities on site should you need them but feel free to bring your own camping kit, especially if you’re staying for the weekend. Alternatively I’m sure a chippy run can be organised 😉 The kitchen will be off limits from Sat morning through to Sunday morning, so if you need anything else in that time please come prepared.  Parents – if you need specific facilities please let us know in advance.

We are providing breakfast on Sat, Sun and Mon, we are collating and serving the wonderful main meal that YOU guys will be helping provide (please see Delicious things for further info) as a late lunch (post wedding) and then a similarly contributed buffet style affair in the evening.  Apart from that you’re on your own,  so please come prepared with enough to sustain you through the weekend.


We are asking for some contributions for the cocktail bar (either some spirit/liqueur or many litres of mixers) and we will provide boozes for the actual wedding and the meal, with hopefully enough to carry some on into the evening, but we would certainly advise you to bring your own allocation for Saturday evening and Sunday (booze-hounds take note!).

General kit

The site is a beautiful woodland with grassy dells and a beck, it is also in Lancashire.


This means it could be epically gorgeous and sunny and warm and delightful, so bring swimmers for paddling, and flip flops and sunnies and wishful thinking.  It could also be properly wet and windy and dire, so bring warm clothes and wellies and waterproofs and good humour.  Please also bring an umbrella (as bright and pretty as you can find) each if at all possible, as this could be our wet weather outside ceremony survival kit! (The picture above is of the site on the 18th May 2012, so we’re probably cursed to rain seeing as how lovely it was then).

Bring a torch, and a head torch would be the best choice. There will be plenty of pretty lights in the main areas but nothing at all outside of them and there is a stream and various other trip hazards!

You will be pleased to hear that there are proper toilets and showers on site.


We’re pretty sure you know what you will require for your brood, so we’ll leave you to fill in that list.  We will be providing a warm dry area for play and centralised napping and there will be easy access for food top ups and bottle warming etc should you require it.  If you have specific needs please let us know in the comments or by email.


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